Residential & Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying or selling your home, contemplating a commercial real estate transaction or are in a real estate property dispute, it is important to know your rights and have them explained to you by a real estate legal professional. We have years of experience in real estate law and can help your real estate transaction proceed smoothly and help protect you from any issues that may arise.

Community Associations

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of community association law. This includes the transition from developer control to owner control, the interpretation of governing documents, the amendment of governing documents, the review of contracts and insurance policies, the creation and adoption of rules and policies, the collection of assessments and the enforcement of your restrictions and covenants.

Contracts and Leases

Nothing in business should ever happen without a contract or formal business agreement. Whether purchasing a business, negotiating the purchase or sale of investment real estate, or dealing with employee issues, business contracts and leases protect and secure the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. Our attorneys will help you negotiate contracts or leases that protect your interests. We have years of experience drafting contracts and leases for large and small business ventures.

IRC 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

If you are buying or disposing of investment real estate, a 1031 exchange can help to defer your tax liabilities. If you are a real estate investor, a 1031 exchange can allow you to seek new investment opportunities while deferring capital gains taxes. These can be complex transactions, and there are some difficulties you may encounter. Our experienced attorneys can help you effectively navigate these difficult and complicated transactions.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation usually involves disputes of private law issues between individuals, businesses or non-profit organizations. At the same time, civil litigations can entail public law issues. Whether you are entering the civil litigation lawsuit as the plaintiff or the defendant, it is important to have a qualified civil litigation lawyer by your side. At Hebel & Hornung we will stand by your side and protect your interests in any conflict.

Business and Corporate Law

For over 50 years, our attorneys at Hebel & Hornung have been helping businesses achieve their goals through corporate formation, mergers and acquisitions, financing transactions, real estate purchases, sales and leasing, and purchases and sales of businesses. We provide a full range of corporate legal services. Our goal is simple: to help your business succeed.

Wills, Estates and Trusts

No matter your age, no matter your state of health, no matter the size of your estate, there are minimum documents and arrangements that every individual should address. If disability or death occurs, your assets should be protected. At Hebel & Hornung we provide comprehensive but affordable estate planning for clients from all walks of life, as well as advanced strategies for family businesses and high net worth clients to protect wealth, avoid probate and minimize estate taxes. We serve individuals, families and businesses.


Our firm has helped many clients in the difficult loss of a loved one. We understand that probate can be an overwhelming process and that clients who come to us may not fully grasp the legal process involved in settling an estate. We can help you navigate through the complicated steps, from opening the estate through the closing.